In-class activity: Review image collection

Break up into three groups of about 4 people per group. Either pin up your 50 sheets of paper or lay them out on the floor or table. Everyone in the group other than the person pinning up should write words that they associate with the images directly on the paper. These can either be formal attributes: “dark, scary, empty, gross” or concepts: “honest, depressing, surreal”. It may also be helpful to describe the image as either objective, subjective or idiosyncratic (given your classmate’s cause).

The image notation session should lead into a discussion.Consider the following questions during the discussion.

  1. What sort of textual counterpart works with the images chosen?
  2. What is the image maker’s point of view given the image?
  3. Do multiple images together start to create a new meaning?
  4. How can the social cause or approach be refined even more?
  5. Would any of these images work for your own topic? If so, how?

The collector of the images should pick out a few images to discuss with the larger group — either because they were read differently than expected, or because there was a certain enthusiasm around it. Bring some aspect of your small group discussion forward.

Your fellow groupmates should pick 5-10 images apiece from which to design their own “poster” for next week.

The goal of this activity is to more finely tune the way we see and talk about images. Certain images may be powerful or provocative on their own, but do not lend themselves to a textual counterpart. And given the end deliverable, you should also learn to look for the unexpected and consider images outside of the standard content area.


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