Assignment 2 Healthcare Reform

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  1. Namita says:

    What topic has your classmate chosen to defend?
    Lack of Health Care
    Do any of the cells in the matrix make you agree more with your classmate? What about less?
    The combination that seems most successful in expressing the political iissue is the subjective image + subjective text combination.
    The combination that doesn’t make sense to be is the objective image + the idiosyncratic text.
    Has your classmate missplaced either text or image content in the matrix? If so, what effect does that have.
    The idiosyncratic text with image combination doesn’t express the issue of the lack of health care. Especially the ‘how old are you?’ phrase/image and ‘butterflies are beautiful’. However, ‘beds are comfortable’ has a certain irony that successfully emotes the issue.
    Do you have any other feedback to share?
    The subjective image is highly subjective, so that’s well chosen.

  2. Aubrie says:

    1. Pro “free” health care.. I think?
    2. I wouldn’t understand any of the images/captions in the vertical idiosyncratic column if I hadn’t seen the other ones, even then it was difficult to understand what message was being implied. The average family health plan costs $414… a month? A year? Need more information there. I would say the middle image and caption is most effective. The bottom left caption also has potential but needs to be expanded on a little more I think. Also I’m not sure what the image is in the last row but it may be a bit too graphic, I think you could achieve the same effect (self-remedy?) with something just as effective but less so.
    4-5. I think I said it all in number 2

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