Linked by Air lecture, Wed. Sept 19, 4:30p, Auditorium

Dan Michaelson and Tamara Maletic of Linked by Air
Wednesday, September 19 at 4:30
RISD Auditorium

Linked by Air began as the partnership of Tamara Maletic and Dan Michaelson in 2005. The studio specializes in the production of public spaces and other networked structures, both online and in the world. Their approach is practical and hands on. Through in-house programming and an emphasis on collaboration and iteration, they approach design and technology as intertwined inventive processes.

The studio is experienced in several media, including print, online, mobile, exhibitions, and installations in the environment. They often undertake complex projects, including leading projects that require the integration of multiple parties, vendors, and technologies. But many of their projects are also simple, including printed matter that reflects our attitudes toward the contemporary world.

Linked by Air is the recipient of the Charles Nypels grant for research on embedded digital sign systems, in residence at the Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht. Some of their projects have been awarded AIGA 365 awards in the United States. And they are the recipient of the Jury Prize at the Brno Graphic Design Biennial 2012.

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