For Thursday: Image research

Following the maxim, “it is easier to find than to invent,” spend the next 48 hours collecting 50 images that speak to either (or both) the subject matter you’ve chosen or the style of imagery that you’re interested in. Consider a range of perspectives, tones and voices (subjective/objective/idiosyncratic) in your search, but focus your time and attention in areas that most interest you.

Your images should come from: existing posters/book covers, magazines, your camera, your pencil and the Internet. You may find the juxtaposition of images forms the meaning you are intending. Consider cropping images that do not focus our attention on what we’re supposed to see. Use this assignment as a way to refine your focus. What starts as “women’s rights” may turn into “better pay for women” based on the images and research you find.

Although the focus of this step is not on language, make notes with wording that may be of use to you as you refine your idea. In some cases, your wording may be so good, that you may opt to print it as an image.

Print each image (black and white in most cases is fine) on one side of a letter-sized sheet of paper. Leave some space around the image if possible. We will work with the printouts in class on Thursday.


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