In Class activity

The matrix was meant as a site for visual and textual research for a poster on a social cause.

Spend about 10 minutes looking and commenting on two of your classmate’s matrices: the one that is listed above yours on the website, and the one that is listed below. Copy the below questions to a text file, answer the questions and paste your results in the comment section of the post for the matrix.

  1. What topic has your classmate chosen to defend?
  2. Do any of the cells in the matrix make you agree more with your classmate? What about less?
  3. Has your classmate missplaced either text or image content in the matrix? If so, what effect does that have?
  4. Would another combination of text and image from this matrix make a more compelling argument for the chosen cause?
  5. Do you have any other feedback to share?

74 responses to “In Class activity”

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