Obesity in America

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  1. Tina says:


    the idiosyncratic messages (for all three images) work the best (esp one nation under fat…references the pledge of allegiance)

    maybe change “worth to die for” to “worth dying for”

    killer at large is a great box….maybe consider looking at other alternatives for the word plague (almost seems like obesity should be something anthropomorphic)

    the burger image in the middle works great for the idiosyncratic square (because you make a direct reference to the burger) but the other two combinations aren’t as strong (possibly because the cropping cuts off a more obvious connection to obesity and/or to the size/unhealthiness of the burger etc). maybe find a higher res file with something more greasy.

    looking at the matrix as a whole, is seems like the subjective column could use little more punch. it has good points but sounds like subtle rephrasing of the objective column


  2. Emma says:

    What topic has your classmate chosen to defend?
    The obesity epidemic in the US.

    Do any of the cells in the matrix make you agree more with your classmate? What about less?
    ‘One nation under fat’ is just too perfect. While all of your postcards are very strong, I’d have to say that one is definitely an attention grabber.

    Has your classmate misplaced either text or image content in the matrix? If so, what effect does that have.
    The photo in the last row may be distracting in the sense that it already has text on the French fry box.. ‘Killer at Large’ already puts a clear viewpoint in my head so I don’t really feel the need to read the text that you wrote.

    Would another combination of text and image from this matric make a more compelling argument for the chosen cause?
    All of them seem to be working!

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