Mapping Hands from Making Meaning on Vimeo.


This piece stemmed from my experience of watching people cross the crosswalk situated between the RISD museum and Marketplace. What was revealing about the experience was that by sitting still for just 20minutes I was able to see and meet so many students at RISD whom I hadn’t seen for months. It was curious how we may never see each other, but we all pass through this space. We just miss each other.
I wanted to map this process of people passing through a single space and the accumulation of their missed interactions. I had various iterations of this scene that I had observed, where I drew out the interaction myself with paper and pen. However, something about my first few iterations felt removed from the experience of the cross walk. Using the pen felt mechanical and I felt that it took away agency from the passersby I had observed.  So, I decided to replace the pen with the hand and used multiple hands instead to regain some of the randomness of the crosswalk experience. Even the final build up of the ink on paper reflected the randomness of each individual, while the accumulation of ink spots spoke to the connections between the individuals.

{ 12/13/2012    4 Assignment 8   

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