charlie dances : a study of circles

charlie dances
: a study of circles

the trauma of working inspires charlie’s dance.
forced to keep up with machines and yelling bosses, charlie acquires a nervous tick,in which he jerks about and flails his arms, and screws things in many ways.
he screws up his nut screwing but the rhythmic movements of his nut-tightening is nice. continuous, but jerky.
keeping rhythm is important, and charlie cannot rest, no time for smoking.
the machines are hungry, hungry for oil, hungry for charlie. they swallow him. they beat him too (the food machines especially).
the assembly line belt is like a tongue, snaking its way down a path of gears and taking charlie along for the ride.
churned and moved along by circular cogs and spinning wheels, charlie (forwarded and then reversed) is spit out in the end, but not before he arrives at circledom!
the circular cycle of circular machines turning in circles leave him quite circular himself, a charming nut.
charlie begins his more expressive dancing, an elegant ballet, a well executed hop, a hopping.
he demonically tightens everything around him. he tightens man boobs. he tightens meddlesome noses. (tighten nose and twirl, tighten nose and twirl). fire hydrants cant escape his tightening. round and round he goes.
he tightens the buttons on a young woman’s butt, and enthusiastically pursues the buttons on a fat woman’s breasts.
the fat woman bobs and dashes, huffing, gesturing to the police. charlie follows with his funny feet, he waddles quickly.
the fat woman dashes away, the police man dashes after charlie, and charlie dashes back to factory, where havoc ensues.
charlie turns some wheels and presses some levers.
charlie finds a watering can. oh wait, an oil can, with black gunk in it, no matter.
he waters people and crisscrosses his legs daintily, arms spread out dramatically.
he dashes around in circles, a dashing man! everyone is dashing now, dashing towards him, dashing away.
it is a mad dash, a mad dance. everyone is mad, a madness on a stage.
the man from the psych ward comes and charlie squirts black at him but smiles.
charlie gets into the car happily, what a good sport!
and with the car he leaves.

exploring rhythm, dance, movement, circle, cycle, and repetition as they pertain to showing madness and freedom, ie madness to attain freedom, or madness from lack of freedom and/or the effects of constraint and repetition on interesting people/black sheep…

{ 11/27/2012    4 Assignment 7   

3 responses to “charlie dances : a study of circles”

  1. Aubrie says:

    You have an interesting idea in the comparing and contrasting of human to machine, and the personification of machinery could be compelling. The differences are also interesting, maybe you could include both in your project.

  2. Su says:

    I think you made a very important point that how this film works in a circular form. The use of repetitive sound and motions would be a very rich avenue you could pursue for your project.

  3. Alina says:

    Circles and madness, so tinariffic! While I was reading your analysis I highlighted the “forwarded and then reversed” part of the circular dance. Most people think of circles as a cyclic, one-way form, but especially in terms of “madness”, it would be great to explore the non-linear motion of circles.

    And although our projects won’t necessarily include Chaplin, I’m reminded of a quote by Chaplin about his relationship with Paulette Godard (the gamin). I can’t find the exact text, but it was something along the lines of how they are black sheep in the modern world, struggling to be free in a mechanized world.

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