Write a formal analysis for Modern Times

As a first step to your last assignment in Making Meaning, write a formal analysis of the film we watched today, Modern Times. A formal analysis is a “purely visual description of the work irrespective of cultural context, history, or artistic motivation.” A formal analysis is a tool to deconstruct the visual (or sensoral) decisions made by an artist. It should identify the modes of communication (how and by what means) used to reveal relationships, identities, values, points-ofview. These formal decisions either conflict or support an artwork’s themes, context or storyline.

Your formal analysis may be fairly specific, focusing on light, camera angles, or use of sound. It should be between one and two “pages” and posted to the website in a post and categorized to Assignment 7. Everyone should attach a screen capture (or more) from the film that acts as support for your writing.

If you are having difficulty with the assignment, make a list of formal terms that you see during the film and making a list or a notebook with these terms. Note patterns and relationships between the formal terms.

Your making assignment will derive itself from this interpretive analysis.


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