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See you in the spring!

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B Minsun links: mapping / information design

Upload your files to Vimeo and make a post with the video embedded and categorize it under Assignment 6.

Jem Cohen film from 2000. May be of interest.

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Our visit to the Special Collections library included a look at the following photo narrative books from conceptual artists.

  1. Baldessari, John, Close-Cropped Tales
  2. Calle, Sophie, Suite Vénitienne.
  3. Calle, Sophie, Exquisite Pain.
  4. Ruscha & Weiner, Hard Light.
  5. Michals, Duane, Sequences.
  6. Snow, Michael, Cover to Cover.
  7. Frank, Robert, One Hour.
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Video queues to correct anecdote. Watch until 8:15, “He new the difference between knowing something and knowing the name of something”.

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James Victore from Hillman Curtis

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