5 Project 1: Matrix

The matrix was meant as a site for visual and textual research for a poster on a social cause.

Spend about 10 minutes looking and commenting on two of your classmate’s matrices: the one that is listed above yours on the website, and the one that is listed below. Copy the below questions to a text file, answer the questions and paste your results in the comment section of the post for the matrix.

  1. What topic has your classmate chosen to defend?
  2. Do any of the cells in the matrix make you agree more with your classmate? What about less?
  3. Has your classmate missplaced either text or image content in the matrix? If so, what effect does that have?
  4. Would another combination of text and image from this matrix make a more compelling argument for the chosen cause?
  5. Do you have any other feedback to share?
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Choose a social topic affected by politics: Gay rights, fracking, climate change, etc. Given it is an election year, consider a topic whose poster may support the tagline “Vote November 6”.

Use the below matrix to organize and communicate your research on your topic. The matrix below offers nine combinations of approaches to communicate your message. Think of them as concept sketches for a bigger work — a poster — that will follow this short assignment.

For purposes of consistency with the other sections, we will call them postcards. Each postcard should hold both type and image. Typeset and place your text how you see fit.

Upload the 9-cell grid as a pdf to our website. Produce a png and insert a medium image into a post attached to the category Assignment 2. Be prepared to present your grid and your reasons for arriving at your choices.

4 Project 1: Matrix    f    J        

You will each be assigned one of the following nouns. These words refer to real objects that you may be able to find in class. If you find these objects, find a way to represent them for the class. You will also be able to find photographs, drawings, and symbolic representations of the word. Collect or take as many varieties of images — a minimum of 10 — and post to the website within the category Assignment 1.

  • Hand
  • Screw
  • Chair
  • Fan
  • Apple
  • Wood
  • Shoes
  • Bee
  • Church
  • Lamp
  • Child
  • Newspaper
  • House
4 Project 1: Matrix    f    J        

Course introduction, modes of representation