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One response to “sofia”

  1. Aubrie says:

    1. Racial Profiling.
    2. The box where Idiosyncratic meets Idiosyncratic makes me agree with the artist more because it puts a new perspective on immigration. The box where subjective meets subjective makes me disagree because it makes me consider the fact that a possible illegal immigrant could take from a legal American. The caption that states that 75% of immigrants are in the USA through legal means also makes me question the poster’s authenticity because the immigrants charted are most likely only those who tried to enter the country legally, whereas there could be many more that have come in illegally and therefore would not have been charted by the government.
    3. I don’t think any captions or images are misplaced.
    4. I might combine “land of the free” with a more compelling image rather than one tied with work.
    5. I really like the Indian picture with the caption “….ask any Indian,” although my views differ from that of the poster, as I mentioned above, it gets me to think differently about the subject overall.

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